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Over 100 million people have mental health issues and only 10% receive proper treatment. With Siuvo we aim to educate people about the help they need and where they can get it. By working with psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Ye we created a product that gives the doctor a summary of the patient and potential diseases through surveys. 

About Psychiatry Vertical

What Does Siuvo Do?

Our company works with medical professionals to create platforms that help doctors and patients alike. We employ a virtual robot that conducts diagnostic screenings of potential diseases. It educates people on what help they need, and where they can find it. Our goal is to help lessen a doctor's load so that more patients can be efficiently cared for in regions where they grossly outnumber doctors. 

A completed product consists of an account for the patient, and an account for the doctor. Our app collects survey information from the patient and through data analytics it gives the doctor a summary of the patient and possible conditions pertaining to a respective field of medicine. 

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